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Living books are not textbooks. They are actually quite the opposite. Living books are quality literature that can be either fiction or non fiction that is written by an author who expresses passion for a topic. The book draws you into the story, stirs up your imagination and causes you to care about the subjects that you are reading about. They also make you think. Living books are inspiring stories that help engage your children’s mind and, honestly, help to engage the minds of adults as well! Living books provide honorable characters that your children can look up to!

As much as we, parents, would like to think that we know a lot, there is so much we don’t know. So let’s allow our children to form relations with great minds of the past and present. The best way to get in touch with those great minds is by reading their thoughts. Look for worthy ideas in books.

Avoid books that present “little pills of knowledge mixed into weak diluent.” Twaddle talks down to the child and assumes she can’t understand more than tidbits of information. Look for books that you, the adult, will enjoy too.

Give the children the idea that knowledge is supremely attractive and that reading is delightful.

In other words, check both the content and the style in which it is presented. Look for books that will give your child a love for learning through books.

Here’s a list of some living books you could introduce to your kids, to the following add, biographies written for children, some of my special Nigerian authors :

Chukwuemeka Ike, whose book, ‘Sunset at dawn’, I let my daughter read to expose her to our history, the real one not the coated version for class use. Next would be,

Buchi Emecheta, ‘The Bride Price’ , Nnedi Okafor-Machu ‘ Zahrah the wind seeker’, my kids really loved it, and read it more than twice.

1. Joan of Arc

2. Stories from the bible

3. Robin Hood

4. Ben-Hur

5. Robinson Crusoe

6. The Chronicles of Narnia

7. Oliver Twist

8. A Christmas Carol

9. George Washington Carver

10. The Hiding Place

11. Pilgrim’s Progress

12. Aesop’s Fables

Juanita M. Immanuel-Ngur
Juanita M. Immanuel-Ngur

Juanita Immanuel, a Missionary, an Educator and a Homeschooler ; Superintendent of The Remnant Campus, a Homeschool Foundation.
I'm a Pathfinder, called to assist children discover their path and uncover their destiny via relevant instructional information, termed education. We offer tuition free education to children with little or no support for education.

As a missionary outfit, we've partnered with the Lord as Foundation Raisers of generations, using a blend of education and God's principles to teach children how to live righteously untill the King returns.

I'm passionate about sharing teaching strategies with other teachers and helping them learn how to consistently teach creative lessons.
I also share my experiences on how the 21st century themes for learning can be implemented in the classroom environment, thereby impacting the lives of learners, via creative motivating lessons.

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