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Hello Familia!

It’s a new beginning again, welcome to the 2022/2023 Academic year.

I was wondering, what would be the best activity to engage students with on the first day of school?

Some teachers choose decorating classrooms, some schools cut grass (Nigerian style), while others write on “how I spent my holiday” (seriously, that writing prompt is archaic).

It’s very important that we as facilitators of education, and learning process, are able to discern the state of our students as they return for a new academic year.

Growth mindset Vs fixed mindset, and goal setting are the chief of what we talked about today.

They are the reason why we would set our hearts on things commendable, holding fast to the picture in God’s heart, as we set aside our fears this term and discover who we really are.

We took advantage of videos on YouTube, also emphazing on the benefits of an atmosphere soaked with the aroma of respect, optimism, and perseverance; in other to thrive.

Fear, cripples, it brings you to the brink of ‘could be possible’, then shuts out every ray of hope and keeps you from ever knowing who you are, and you never know what you could have become if you didn’t doubt.

Fear brings you to your knees, not in prayer or humility, but it prevents you from seeing the future.

Fear disqualifies you before you begin.

Fear produces no heroes, no role Models, fear makes no soldier grow in the ranks.

” There’s a lion in the street” , brings no victory home, no songs sang, no legends whose tales of bravery are written about for generations unborn.

Fear brings no reference to your assignment, it gives no crown!

Change your perspective to things, and watch God carry you on the shoulders of courage and fulfillment.

Have a fruitful school year!

Juanita M. Immanuel-Ngur
Juanita M. Immanuel-Ngur

Juanita Immanuel, a Missionary, an Educator and a Homeschooler ; Superintendent of The Remnant Campus, a Homeschool Foundation.
I'm a Pathfinder, called to assist children discover their path and uncover their destiny via relevant instructional information, termed education. We offer tuition free education to children with little or no support for education.

As a missionary outfit, we've partnered with the Lord as Foundation Raisers of generations, using a blend of education and God's principles to teach children how to live righteously untill the King returns.

I'm passionate about sharing teaching strategies with other teachers and helping them learn how to consistently teach creative lessons.
I also share my experiences on how the 21st century themes for learning can be implemented in the classroom environment, thereby impacting the lives of learners, via creative motivating lessons.

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