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Mid-Term Break Notice

Dear Esteemed parents/guardian,

The Remnant Campus will be closed starting Thursday, 2nd November 2023. School is scheduled to resume on Monday, 6th November 2023.

Indeed, we have been learning now for 6 weeks plus, and this will continue for 4 weeks more after the midterm break, before our end of term I examination.

On the 6th of November, 7:30am school and school activities resume fully. The school management will appreciate a prompt adherence to time.

In addition, parents should please ensure that their child’s outlook and grooming is presentable. Also, ensure that their child come in black, blue jeans or khaki with t-shirt, black socks and black canvas/snickers/crocs.

Best wishes for a pleasant mid-term break.

Juanita M. Immanuel-Ngur
Juanita M. Immanuel-Ngur

Juanita Immanuel, a Missionary, an Educator and a Homeschooler ; Superintendent of The Remnant Campus, a Homeschool Foundation.
I'm a Pathfinder, called to assist children discover their path and uncover their destiny via relevant instructional information, termed education. We offer tuition free education to children with little or no support for education.

As a missionary outfit, we've partnered with the Lord as Foundation Raisers of generations, using a blend of education and God's principles to teach children how to live righteously untill the King returns.

I'm passionate about sharing teaching strategies with other teachers and helping them learn how to consistently teach creative lessons.
I also share my experiences on how the 21st century themes for learning can be implemented in the classroom environment, thereby impacting the lives of learners, via creative motivating lessons.

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