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What is Learning? I wonder…

I have bumped into a type of learning that I had forgotten. As a child, I attended a private primary school modeled in the best of standards, strict but fun environment. As I graduated into secondary school and the university, learning took a new shape I didn’t enjoy but couldn’t help, that was the status quo, “as it was…”

Now as an educator and a parent, I find myself enjoying more topics in subjects that I had prior knowledge of, but the methodology now is what is most interesting to me.

I’ll leave you with a post from :

Understanding ‘learning’

Life-long, life-wide, and life-deep

Purvee Chauhan

” Learning will take a back seat if we promote competition, because, in that case, the focus will be on the outcome rather than on the process. Stars, rewards, grades, consequences, or socio-economic status will hinder the making of fearless environments. What is happening today might be a feeling of learning more than actual learning itself. Authority or dominance of the teacher, or talking at students inhibit true learning. Learning and fear cannot be present in the same room. A true teacher will celebrate curiosity. A true teacher will talk with her students and build an environment conducive, meaningful, relevant, fun, free, loving and safe for learning. A true teacher will learn with her students.

How can teachers create nurturing spaces that help in student flourishing? To begin cultivating such environments, the teachers have to be nurtured themselves. They should believe in themselves, their students and the idea of co-creating life-long, life-wide and life-deep learners. With true joy and love for learning within, teachers can reflect and model it to their students. Rest, tools will find their way into pedagogy.

Imagine a flower. Some flowers bloom early, some bloom late. Some are multi-coloured, some are monochrome. Some wither away soon, some stay for long. Some are fragrant, some are poisonous. One cannot ask a bud to bloom, they can only provide it with the nourishing conditions in the form of love, and it will bloom on its own. Children are just like flowers. It is almost impossible for someone to direct them to grow the way they want them to grow. All you can do is provide a nourishing environment for them to flower. And, that nourishing environment is fundamental for them to learn, grow and thrive. Remember, a rose and a lotus need different environments to grow.”

[what we find today is rather that everyone is rushed at the same pace, strategies aren’t employed to ensure that every child is on the same page, especially in this part of our world]

Juanita M. Immanuel-Ngur
Juanita M. Immanuel-Ngur

Juanita Immanuel, a Missionary, an Educator and a Homeschooler ; Superintendent of The Remnant Campus, a Homeschool Foundation.
I'm a Pathfinder, called to assist children discover their path and uncover their destiny via relevant instructional information, termed education. We offer tuition free education to children with little or no support for education.

As a missionary outfit, we've partnered with the Lord as Foundation Raisers of generations, using a blend of education and God's principles to teach children how to live righteously untill the King returns.

I'm passionate about sharing teaching strategies with other teachers and helping them learn how to consistently teach creative lessons.
I also share my experiences on how the 21st century themes for learning can be implemented in the classroom environment, thereby impacting the lives of learners, via creative motivating lessons.

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